Orion's Board: The first volume of the comic was reprinted immediately after its release A shogi manga by the author of "Your Lie in April"

The first volume of the comic "Orion's Board," a shogi manga by Naoshi Arakawa, known for works such as "Your Lie in April" and "Farewell, My Dear Cramer," was released on April 17th, and it has been announced that it will be reprinted due to its positive reviews. Many bookstores are running low on stock, so the reprint will be about twice the number of copies of the first edition. The reprint is scheduled to arrive at bookstores nationwide around May 24th.

"Orion's Board" began serialization in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (Kodansha) in January 2024. The theme is "Shogi x Youth x Love Story," and the story is about a young shogi player, Ninomiya, who was once called a prodigy but suffered a series of losses, who meets an unknown genius girl who plays shogi at a bar.

A sales representative from Kodansha said, "The book has been receiving a tremendous response even before the release of the first volume, so we prepared a large first printing, but we're amazed at how sales have far exceeded our expectations. It's going at an incredible pace!"