Detective Conan: Collaboration with Tamagotchi Conan "Great Detective Tamagotchi" and Kid "Great Thief Tamagotchi"

It has been announced that "Tamagotchi nano colorful Detective Conan", a collaboration between Bandai's portable toy "Tamagotchi" series and the popular anime "Detective Conan", will be released. This is the first in the "Tamagotchi nano" series, the first color LCD "Tamagotchi nano colorful". Two types will be released: the deep crimson "Great Detective's Tamagotchi" which expresses Conan's passion, and the clear blue "Great Thief's Tamagotchi" which resembles the jewel that Kaito Kid is after. Each will be priced at 5,500 yen.

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You can train a total of 22 characters, including Conan, the Detective Boys, the Black Organization, Toru Amuro, Shuichi Akai, and Kaito Kid. The color LCD screen beautifully reproduces the pixelated scenes from the anime.

Reservations are now being accepted on Bandai Namco Group's official shopping site ``Premium Bandai''. Scheduled to ship in September.