OTAKU JAPAN (hereinafter referred to as the "Operating Site") is a comprehensive information site operated by MANTAN Co., Ltd.
Personal information collected by our company through surveys, gifts, posts, etc. will be stored and used under our strict management unless otherwise specified. In principle, personal information collected through our company will be used within the scope notified at the time of collection and will not be used for any other purpose. We will not provide your information to a third party without your permission.
However, personal information may be statistically processed so that individuals cannot be identified, and then used and provided as marketing data to advertisers and partner companies.

Please see below for our handling of personal information.

Handling of personal information

MANTAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ``our company'') has established the following personal information protection policy, established a system for protecting personal information, and ensures that all employees fully recognize the importance of protecting personal information and take measures to protect it. By doing so, we will handle personal information appropriately.

|Management of personal information
Regarding personal information, we strive to prevent leakage, loss, falsification, unauthorized access from outside, etc., implement appropriate security measures, and strive to protect collected personal information. Additionally, when we outsource data processing to outside parties, we sign strict personal information protection agreements with reliable companies.

|Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information received from customers will be acquired and used for the following purposes:
1.Customer's personal information
・Implementation of surveys regarding services, etc.
・Creation and analysis of statistical data regarding service usage
・Management of presents and campaigns
・Purpose of responding to inquiries
2.Personal information of employment applicants
・Providing information, contacting, and notifying job applicants
・Recruitment selection procedure
・Administrative communication
|Prohibition of disclosure/provision of personal information to third parties
We will appropriately manage personal information entrusted to us by our customers and will not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
1.When there is customer consent
2. When disclosing information to a company outsourced by our company in order to provide the service requested by the customer
3.When disclosure is necessary based on laws and regulations

|Security measures for personal information
Our company takes all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

|Personal inquiry
If a customer requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of their personal information, we will respond within a reasonable period and scope only if we can confirm the customer's identity.

 ・株式会社MANTAN 個人情報受付担当者宛
  MAIL : toiawase@mantan-inc.jp

Scope of responsibility

We are not responsible for the collection and use of personal information on links from operating sites or on advertiser sites. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact each site directly.

Issuance of cookies

To increase the convenience of access, the Internet has a function called cookies that are issued when viewing a homepage. Cookies are information such as usage records that may be sent from a server to a user and stored as a file on the user's computer.

The operated site may send and receive cookies. You can refuse to accept cookies by setting your browser. However, please note that in this case, some functions may be restricted.

In addition, the operated site may use cookies for advertising distribution. Advertisements on the operated site may use an ad distribution server of a third party company. In that case, cookie information will be stored and managed on the server of a third party company, not on MANTAN's server. Please see below for details such as a list of third-party companies, each company's privacy policy, and how to opt out of the cookie function. *There are some cookies whose functions cannot be stopped.
|Outbrain Japan Co., Ltd.
・ privacy policy
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|Google LLC
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*Although we take every care to include links, we do not guarantee their completeness or accuracy.
*The privacy policy and opt-out links may be the same URL.

About web analytics and reporting features

1) Google Analytics
The operated site uses "Google Analytics" provided by Google LLC to understand the site usage status of users. Data collected through the use of Google Analytics will be managed based on Google LLC's privacy policy. User data and event data collected by Google Analytics is retained for 14 months. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of Google Analytics services.

In addition, we have introduced Google Analytics' "User Demographics and Interest Categories Report" function that supports display advertising, which collects interest-based advertising data and third-party user data (age, gender, interests, etc.) We use this information to improve our site and display appropriate advertisements.

*If you wish to opt out (disable) the Google Analytics function that supports display advertising, please use the "GoogleAnalytics Opt-out Add-on".

About “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on”

*You can use ad settings to customize the ads displayed on the Google Display Network.
About "ad settings"
Google LLC “Policies and Principles”

2) Google Tag Manager
The managed site uses "Google Tag Manager". Although we use cookies to collect data, this data is collected anonymously and does not identify individuals. Google Tag Manager can refuse collection by disabling cookies.

For details, please see Google LLC's privacy policy.

2) Microsoft Clarity
The managed site uses the access analysis tool "Microsoft Clarity" by Microsoft. We use behavioral indicators and heat maps to understand how our website is used, which we use to improve our services and improve our marketing. Usage data on our website is collected using cookies and used for site optimization and advertising. This data is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you.

Please see Microsoft's privacy policy for details.

Compliance and review of laws and regulations

Our company will comply with Japanese laws and other norms applicable to the personal information it holds, and will review the contents of this policy from time to time and strive to improve it.


This personal information will be interpreted based on the Japanese language. If this personal information is translated into another language and there is a discrepancy between the Japanese version and the translated version in the other language, the Japanese version will prevail.

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Enactment date: September 1, 2023
MANTAN Co., Ltd.