Enako: "YOWAYOWA TEACHER" cosplay reveal, transforms into a strong gal

It has been revealed that popular cosplayer Enako will appear in the 27th issue of the manga magazine "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (Kodansha), which will be released on June 5th, and will be cosplaying as the manga "YOWAYOWA TEACHER." Enako will transform into the strong gal Mukubayashi Mizuki Mukubayashi.

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"YOWAYOWA TEACHER" is a manga by Kamio Fukuchi. Hiyori Hiwamura also known as "Scary Sensei," is said to curse you if you get angry. She becomes the homeroom teacher for Abikura kun and his classmates who have just advanced to their second year of high school, but Abikura kun witnesses the dark side of "Scary Sensei."

Enako will also be on the cover of the issue.