Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: HI-ZACK figure to be released by ROBOT Spirits A machine symbolizing the fusion of Earth Federation and Zeon technology

A figure of the HI-ZACK from the anime "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam" will be released in September as "ROBOT Spirits <SIDE MS> RMS-106 HI-ZACK ver. ANIME" from Bandai Spirits' "ROBOT Spirits" series. The price is 9,350 yen.

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HI-ZACK was the Earth Federation's first mass-produced machine after the war, newly designed based on the Zaku. It is a machine that symbolizes the fusion of Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon technology, and comes with armaments such as a 120mm Zaku machine gun, heat hawk, missile pod, beam rifle, beam saber, and shield.

Total height approximately 13 cm.