Oshi no Ko: Collaboration with ANNA SUI "Butterfly" eye handkerchiefs, eco bags, folding umbrellas, piéyon jackets, and more

It has been announced that apparel such as handkerchiefs, bags, and jackets will be released as a collaboration between the TV anime series "Oshi no Ko" and the fashion brand "ANNA SUI."

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The lineup includes the "Oshi no Ko x ANNA SUI Printed Handkerchief" (2,200 yen), which uses visuals of the legendary idol Ai with Anna Sui's butterfly and rose motifs, the "Oshi no Ko x ANNA SUI Towel Handkerchief" (1,100 yen), which features Ai's hair accessory and the bear and rabbit designs seen on Aqua and Ruby's childhood costumes, as well as clear pouches (1,320 yen), eco bags (3,300 yen), and folding umbrellas (5,500 yen).

Other items on sale include a cap based on Ai's hair accessory (7,150 yen), a T-shirt with Ai's eyes (6,380 yen), a mini T-shirt (6,160 yen), a track jacket inspired by Pieyon's colors (20,900 yen), and an Oshikatsu backpack with clear pockets (22,000 yen).

Reservations are being accepted on Bandai Namco Group's official shopping site "Premium Bandai" and elsewhere. Shipment is scheduled for August.