My Hero Academia: Daiki Yamashita, who plays Deku, and Nobuhiko Okamoto, who plays Bakugo, go to Universal Studios Japan Get excited about the 4D attraction!

Daiki Yamashita who plays the main character Izuku Midoriya (Deku) from the popular anime series "My Hero Academia," and Nobuhiko Okamoto, who plays Katsuki Bakugo, visited Universal Studios Japan (USJ, Konohana Ward, Osaka City) and experienced the series' first "4D attraction," "My Hero Academia The Real 4-D." The attraction allows viewers to experience the world of the series through 3D images and special effects such as vibrations and water splashes, and Okamoto enthusiastically commented, "I was so excited that I wanted to go back again and again."

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The 4D attraction tells the story of Deku and his friends, who aim to be the best heroes, getting caught up in a fierce battle between villains who threaten society and their "quirks," and going beyond their limits to face them. Yamashita said, "The ultra-realistic experience that only 4D can provide, which is not found in regular My Hero Academia animations, was so overwhelmingly immersive that my body moved unconsciously, to the point that I felt like I could reach out and touch them! I felt like I was in the same space as Deku and the others, and it made me really happy."

"My Hero Academia The Real 4-D" is part of the limited-time event "Universal Cool Japan 2024," and is the first time that "My Hero Academia" and USJ have collaborated. It will run until August 14th.