Lookback: Fujino and Kyomoto draw manga side by side - Trailer and main visual for the animated film revealed

The main visual and trailer for the theatrical anime "Lookback," based on the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, known for "Chainsaw Man," have been released. The trailer features the theme song "Light Song," composed by Haruka Nakamura and sung by Urara, and shows Fujino, who is proud after being told by his classmates that he will be a manga artist in the future, meeting Kyomoto, a classmate who has been absent from school, and how they start drawing together. The main visual shows Fujino and Kyomoto drawing manga with their shoulders touching.

"Lookback" was announced in July 2021 on Shueisha's manga app "Shonen Jump + (Plus)" and is a hot topic that recorded more than 2.5 million views on the first day. The anime will be directed by Kiyotaka Oshiyama, who will also be in charge of the script and character design. Studio Dorian, which Oshiyama represents, will produce the anime.

In this work, a single-minded love for manga connects two girls, but something happens that shatters everything. Fujino, a fourth-year elementary school student who serializes a four-panel manga in the student newspaper, is highly praised by his classmates, but the teacher tells him ``I'd like to post four frames of my classmate Kyomoto who doesn't go to school'' .