Oshi no Ko: Collaboration with Sushiro B-Komachi becomes official ambassador "Ichibanboshi White Peach Idol Parfait" supervised by Ruby will be on sale Goods are coming one after another

A collaboration campaign between the TV anime series Oshi no Ko and conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro will be held at Sushiro locations nationwide from April 24th. The idol group B-Komachi, which appears in the series, has been appointed official ambassadors, and sweets, sushi, and drinks supervised by the members will be served. Visuals featuring B-Komachi's Ruby, Kana Arima, and Mem-cho have also been released. There will also be an SNS campaign where you can win merchandise using the visuals.

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The desserts on offer include the "Ichibanboshi White Peach Idol Parfait" (390 yen) supervised by Ruby, "For Your Favorite Girl! Condensed Milk Pudding" (300 yen) supervised by Kana Arima, and "Konmemu! Pine Coconut Ice Cake" (260 yen) supervised by Mem-cho. The sweets come with limited-edition stickers (7 types in total) featuring deformed characters. The "Salmon Prosciutto Basil Mozzarella" supervised by B Komachi also comes with limited-edition stickers (7 types in total).

A collaboration-exclusive soft drink with a clear sacoche (980 yen) will also be available.