Detective Conan: One million dollar guidepost: "anan" magazine cover jack Heiji and Kazuha dress up and go to prom, Shinichi and Kaito also appear

Shinichi Kudo and Kaito Kuroba, who appear in the latest movie version of the popular anime "Detective Conan" "Detective Conan: One million dollar guidepost," will grace the cover of the women's magazine "anan" (Magazine House) issue 2394, which will go on sale on April 17. Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama will appear on the back cover, and the main characters of the new work will take over the "front and back" covers.

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The front and back covers are newly drawn, depicting second-year high school students Shinichi, Kaito, Heiji, and Kazuha all dressed up with the theme, "What if we went to prom in the future?" The cover is set in the cloakroom before leaving for the prom, with Kaito, in his true identity as Kaito Kid, smiling fearlessly as he places his arm on Shinichi's shoulder. The back cover features a two-shot of Heiji, a high school detective from the west known as the "Osaka Group," and Kazuha, Heiji's childhood friend and first love. The two are caught in a surprise attack by paparazzi flashes as they arrive early at the prom venue.

The magazine has been featuring the "Detective Conan" movie series every year since 2018. Issue 2394 is the 7th installment, titled "Detective Conan Movie Lecture for Adults," and will focus on the relationship between Edogawa Conan and Kaito Kid, as well as Heiji and Kazuha.

The magazine will also feature interviews with Kaito Kid, Horikawa Ryo, who plays Heiji, Miyamura Yuko, who plays Kazuha, and director Nagaoka Chika, who is in charge of the new film.