Ultraman Arc: New hero fights with sword and armor! Invincible deadly sword Arc Eye Sword, Solis Armor & Luna Armor unveiled

The "sword" and "armor" used by Ultraman Arc in battle, who appears in the new special effects drama "Ultraman" series, "Ultraman Arc," have been revealed. These are Ultraman Arc 's beloved invincible sword, the Arc Eye Sword, and the Ark Armor that he can wear when his color timer flashes red due to energy depletion.

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Arc Eye Sword is a sword with the same outline as Ultraman Arc 's eyes at its center. When the hand is held in front of the face, it appears with a rainbow-colored glow, overlapping with the Arc Stones on Arc's eyes and forehead, and cuts down the enemy. It unleashes slashing attacks, including the Arc Sword Finish, which cuts through the opponent with lightning speed while the blade shines rainbow colors. By fitting an Arc Cube, which contains the power of the Messenger of Light, into the same diamond-shaped recess as the Arc Stone, various psychic techniques can be activated, such as the lightning technique, the Arc Sword Beam.

There are two types of Arc Armors: Solis Armor, the Armor of the Sun, and Luna Armor, the Armor of the Moon. Solis Armor is a red flame-like armor. The protagonist, Yuma Hize, can wear it by releasing the power of the Solis Armor Cube, which looks just like the picture of "the power of the sun" that he imagined as a child, with the mysterious transformation item, Arc Ariser Arise. When the Solis Core on his chest glows, striking power and defensive power far exceed those of normal attacks. It is a power armor that excels in close combat, and the power of the Solis Armor Cube can be released with the Arc Isoad, allowing him to use psychic techniques.

Luna Armor is a blue moonlight-like armor. It can be worn by using Arc Ariser to release the power of the Luna Armor Cube, which looks just like the "power of the moon" that Yuuma imagined as a child. It is a speed armor that increases speed, and is particularly effective in aerial combat. In its left hand, it is equipped with a circular weapon called the Luna Saucer, which can be used to perform long-range attack techniques like a flying disc. The power of the Luna Armor Cube can also be released with the Arc Arise to activate psychic techniques.

The theme of the new work "Ultraman Arc" is "The Power of Imagination." The protagonist, Yuma Hize, a rookie researcher who has just joined the Institute for Scientific Research on Monsters and Disaster Prevention (SKIP), becomes one with a messenger of light who descends to Earth from a faraway galaxy, becoming a giant Ultraman Arc and protecting the future of humans and the Earth from an impending crisis. Takanori Tsujimoto, who has participated as a director in the "New Generation Ultraman" series since "Ultraman X," will serve as the main director for the first time, and Jun Tsugita, who has teamed up with Tsujimoto on the "Ultraman" series, will be in charge of series composition and main scriptwriting. New actor Yuki Totsuka will play Tobise Yuuma.

It will be broadcast on TV Tokyo every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. starting July 6th.