Parasyte:Masaki Suda makes a surprise appearance in Korean live-action drama as Izumi Shinichi, even holding out his "right hand"

It has been revealed that actor Masaki Suda will be appearing as Shinichi Izumi in the Korean drama "Parasyte: The Grey," a live-action adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki's popular manga "Parasyte." "Parasyte: The Grey" is set in Korea and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, who also directed the zombie movie "Train to Busan" series. Shinichi Izumi, played by Suda, is the main character of the original manga, and made a surprise appearance in the drama.

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In the original work, high school student Izumi Shinichi, whose right hand is infested with Migi, a parasitic organism that preys on humans, is depicted fighting other parasites. In the drama, there is a scene in which Shinichi, played by Suda, holds out his "right hand." This scene symbolizes the intersection of the worldviews of the drama and the original work, and Director Sang-ho revealed, "Izumi Shinichi and Migi, who appear at the end, were very important roles."

Suda said, "I had seen 'Hell is Calling,' so I was both happy and surprised to be able to appear in a film by director Yeon Sang-ho. I was also excited to be playing Izumi Shinichi, the character from 'Parasyte,' which I read when I was in elementary school." He commented, "I am very happy to be a Japanese cast member in a film based on 'Parasyte,' a masterpiece that Japan is proud of, and which will be distributed to countries around the world."