Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Shy Frieren Mimic and Himmel too Famous scenes become stickers Bookstore fair commemorating the release of volume 13

A fair will be held at participating bookstores nationwide to commemorate the release of the latest 13th volume of the popular manga "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End" which is currently being serialized in "Weekly Shonen Sunday" (Shogakukan), on April 17th. If you purchase one comic or book related to the series, you will receive one "Buzzkoma Sticker" (8 types in total) featuring a famous scene. In some regions, the release date of the comic and the start time of the fair will differ.

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"Buzzkoma Sticker" feature eight designs, including scenes that went viral on social media during the TV anime broadcast and frames that became a hot topic when the comics were released. The lineup includes famous scenes with Himmel, Stark, and Fern, as well as the scene where Frieren mutters, "Because it's embarrassing..." and the scene where she is nearly eaten by Mimic.

The latest 13th volume of the comic will be released in a special edition with 12 stickers in addition to the regular edition. The stickers include illustrations by Abe Tsukasa, the illustrator for the "First Class Mage Exam Arc", TV anime visuals, and illustrations for the countdown to the start of the broadcast, for a total of 12 types. The "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Comic Sticky Notes Book", which includes sticky notes designed with manga frames, and the novelization "Novel Frieren: Beyond Journey's End- Prelude -" will also be released at the same time.