Detective Conan: One million dollar guidepost: Kaito Kid is cornered by a mysterious swordsman “PV just before release” released

A new PV for the latest movie version of the popular anime "Detective Conan", "Detective Conan: One million dollar guidepost" (released April 12th) has been released. The video, titled "PV Just Before Release", includes scenes of Hattori Heiji protecting the phantom Kaito Kid who has been cornered by a mysterious masked swordsman. The movie will be screened "at the earliest in the world" at 23 theaters in 10 prefectures from midnight on April 12th, the first day of release.

The trailer features characters who hold the key to the story, such as Kadokura, a Japanese-American arms dealer who becomes Heiji's enemy in a battle over a Japanese sword, Hijiri Fukushiro, who challenges Heiji to a duel, and Detective Yoshihisa Kawazoe, who talks with a serious expression about hidden treasure.