Kaiju No. 8: Kafka, the main character who becomes a kaiju, says "What's going to happen to me?" Episode 3 preview released

The preview of the third episode, "Revenge Match," of the anime "Kaiju No. 8," based on the popular manga by Naoya Matsumoto, has been released on YouTube. The preview focuses on the main character, Kafka Hibino, who is parasitized by a mysterious small monster and transformed into a kaiju(monster), and looks back on the first and second episodes while commenting to himself, "What's going to happen?!" The third episode will be broadcast on TV Tokyo and other channels at 11pm on April 27th.

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"Kaiju No. 8" has been serialized in "Shonen Jump+" since July 2020. Set in Japan, a monster superpower where monsters mercilessly invade everyday life, the story follows the adventures of the protagonist, Kafka Hibino, whose body has been transformed into a monster by a mysterious creature. It also attracted attention in 2021 when it was selected as the grand prize winner in the web manga category of the "Next Manga Awards 2021." The comic has sold over 13 million copies in total.

The anime will be produced by Production IG, the studio behind the Ghost in the Shell series, while Studio Khara, the studio behind the Rebuild of Evangelion series, will be in charge of monster design and works.

It is broadcast every Saturday at 11pm on TV Tokyo and other channels.