Kamen Rider Gotchard: Kamen Rider Legend appears in the main story in episode 33, "A Legend Rider? 100 Years Too Early!"

It has been revealed that Kamen Rider Legend/Houou Kaguya Quartz (played by Seiichiro Nagata), who appeared in the spin-off "Kamen Rider Gotchard VS Kamen Rider Legend" of the special effects drama "Kamen Rider Gatchard" (TV Asahi, Sunday 9:00 AM), will appear in the TV series. He will appear in the 33rd episode "A Legend Rider? 100 Years Too Early!", which will air on April 28th. Scene cuts of "Kamen Rider Legendary Legend", which is thought to be a new form of Legend, have also been released.

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Houou Kaguya Quartz is a resident of a parallel world once visited by Kamen Rider Gotchard / Ichinose Houtaro (Junsei Motojima). Dressed in a gorgeous costume and accompanied by her butler Butler, she transforms into Masked Rider Legend, who protects the world from the clutches of the evil organization "Hundred".

In episode 33, Hundred appears in Houtaro 's world in pursuit of a mysterious "super weapon." Hundred abuses the powers of Kamen Riders from other worlds.