Spice and Wolf: Episode 4 "Romantic Merchant and the Moonlit Farewell" Lawrence is in high spirits Holo looks lonely

The fourth episode of "Spice and Wolf MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF," the first completely new TV anime in about 15 years based on the popular light novel "Spice and Wolf" by Isuna Hasekura, "Romantic Merchant and the Moonlit Farewell", will be broadcast on TV Tokyo and other channels from late April 22nd.

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With Holo's help, Lawrence is able to see the trick behind Zellen's proposal to devalue the silver coins. Hoping to profit from this scheme, he passes the information on to Mahlheit, the branch manager of the Milone Company, and secures his cooperation. Lawrence is excited that this profit has brought him one step closer to his dream of owning his own store, but Holo looks somewhat sad.

"Spice and Wolf" is a light novel that depicts the journey of traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence and Holo, an incarnation of a wolf worshipped as the god of fertility. The first season of the TV anime was broadcast in 2008, and the second in 2009. Takeo Takahashi, who directed the previous work, will be the general director of the new anime, and Hijiri Sanpei, who directed the second season of the previous work, will be the director. It will be produced by Passione. Following on from the previous work,  Jun Fukuyama will play Lawrence and Ami Koshimizu will play Holo. It will be broadcast for two consecutive courses.