Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom: Black Knight Squad Rud-ro.A's Gunpla set includes Redelard's, Daniel's, and Liu's

The Gunpla (plastic model) of Black Knight Squad Rud-ro.A from the theatrical anime "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" will be released as "HG 1/144 Black Knight Squad Rud-ro.A Redelard's Machine, Daniel's Machine, and Liu's Machine Set" (Bandai Spirits). The set includes Redelard's machine, Daniel's machine, and Liu's machine, and is priced at 8,910 yen.

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The distinctive coloring of each unit is reproduced by molding. Foil stickers that match each unit are included. The internal structure "SEED Action System" allows you to recreate the impressive action poses of the "SEED" series. The included weapons are the anti-mobile suit heavy sword, shield, and high-energy beam rifle.

Pre-orders are being accepted on Bandai Namco Group's official shopping site, Premium Bandai. Shipment is scheduled for July.