Laid-Back Camp SEASON3: Episode 3 "We're Off! Land of Suspension Bridges" Camping in a remote area of Oigawa River Bikers Rin and Ayano head to the suspension bridge

The third episode of the third season of the TV anime "Laid-Back Camp", based on the manga by Afro, "Laid-Back Camp SEASON3", "We're Off! Land of Suspension Bridges", will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other stations from April 18th.

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Nadeshiko and Rin decide to go camping in a remote area of the Oi River at the invitation of Ayano, who has prepared all the camping equipment. Nadeshiko travels alone by train, with the campsite as the meeting point, while Rin and Ayano, who are on bikes, meet up at Senzu Station along the way and go on a tour together. On the way to their destination, Lake Hatanagi, the two bikers go on a tour of the famous suspension bridges along the Oi River, at Ayano's suggestion.

"Laid-Back Camp" is a loose depiction of high school girls going camping and living their daily lives. The main staff for the third season has been renewed, with Shin Tosaka, who has directed "Encouragement of Climb Next Summit" and others, as director, Masafumi Sugiura as series composer, and Naofumi Hashimoto as character designer. It will be produced by Eightbit.