Negai no Astro: "Tokyo Revengers" Ken Wakui 's first series in "Jump" with the theme "Supernatural powers x Outlaws"

Ken Wakui, known for the manga "Tokyo Revengers," has started a new series called "Negai no Astro"(Astro Royale) in the 20th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), which went on sale on April 15th. This is the first time that Wakui's work has been published and serialized in the magazine. It was featured on the cover and in the opening color pages of the issue.

The theme of the new series is "Supernatural x Outlaw." The cover reads, "Strong bonds and strong hearts will lead the world!!"

Starting with this issue, Weekly Shonen Jump will be starting a series of new series by a stellar line-up of authors, titled the "Spring New Series Trifecta." The first of these is Wakui's "Negai no Astro," which began serialization in issue 20. The second will be "Kyokuto Necromance" by Fusai Naba of "ALIENS AREA," which will begin serialization in issue 21 on April 22, and the third will be "Saikurubiyori" by the unique up-and-coming author Kobayashi Omusuke, which will begin serialization in issue 24 on May 13.