Laid-Back Camp and Love Live! Sunshine!! collaborate in “Shizuoka” Newly drawn illustrations released Stamp rally will also be held

It has been announced that the project "Meets SHIZUOKA ~Laid-Back Camp x Love Live! Sunshine!!~", a collaboration between the anime "Laid-Back Camp" and "Love Live! Sunshine!!" from the "Love Live!" series, will begin. The collaboration was decided because the two works are both set in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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Titled "Meets SHIZUOKA - Scenes of Encounters", original illustrations of characters from "Laid-Back Camp" and "Love Live! Sunshine!!" visiting famous places in Shizuoka will be released one after another. There are nine illustrations in total, with three released for each of the three areas of Shizuoka - Western, Central, and Eastern. Three illustrations for the Western area have been released, showing Kurosawa Ruby and Nadeshiko Kagamihara visiting the Kanzanji Ropeway, Saito Ena and Sakurauchi Riko visiting Warmth Forest, and Kurosawa Dia and Toki Ayano visiting Hotasan Son'eiji Temple. The illustrations were created by illustrator Fuyuno Kamome.

The illustration cards will be distributed at the background facilities and surrounding facilities of the illustrations. Distribution of the three types in the western area will begin on May 11th. The distribution method will be announced on May 2nd. There are also plans to produce merchandise using the illustrations.

Starting April 26th, a stamp rally will be held in Shizuoka prefecture, and a campaign in collaboration with JR Central's "Oshi Tabi" project will be held. A pop-up shop will open at Shizuoka PARCO (Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City) on May 3rd.