Delicious in Dungeon: Episode 15 "Dryad/Cockatrice" A plant monster called a Dryad appears Unable to fight due to hay fever!

The 15th episode of the TV anime "Delicious in Dungeon," based on the gourmet fantasy manga by Ryouko Kui, titled "Dryad/Cockatrice," will begin airing on TOKYO MX and other channels from April 11th.

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Laios and others aim for the surface, but the labyrinth changes its appearance, as if to prevent them from returning. While wandering the labyrinth hungry, they encounter a man and woman engaged in love. Senshi panics, but they are actually a Dryad, a plant monster in human form. Laios and his friends inhale spores, and become unable to fight due to hay fever.

"Delicious in Dungeon" began serialization in the manga magazine "Haruta" (KADOKAWA) in 2014, and ended in September 2023 after about nine and a half years. The story depicts a group of adventurers, Laios, cooking and eating the monsters that attack them as they aim to traverse a dungeon. It also became a hot topic when it was chosen as the 1st place for men in "This Manga is Amazing! 2016" (Takarajimasha). The anime will be directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima, who was an assistant director on ``SSSS.DYNAZENON,'' and produced by TRIGGER, known for ``Promare'' and ``Kill la Kill.''