City Hunter: Official trailer released on "Get Wild Day"  Ryo Saeba (Ryohei Suzuki) says "Sorry to keep you waiting" A furious gunfight!

The trailer for the Netflix movie "City Hunter," a live-action adaptation of Tsukasa Hojo's popular manga starring actor Ryohei Suzuki, was released on YouTube on April 8th. It has also become a hot topic that "TM NETWORK", who has been in charge of songs for the TV animation and movie version of "City Hunter", will be in charge of the ending theme (ED) for this work, and the trailer features the ED "Get Wild Continual" flows. The trailer shows the Reiwa era of Shinjuku Kabukicho, a red Mini Cooper, a Shinjuku message board with XYZ written on it, and a scene in which the main character, Saeba Ryo, played by Suzuki, says, "Sorry to have kept you waiting." 

The official trailer was released on "Get Wild Day," named after April 8, 1987, the day that TM Network's famous song "Get Wild," the ending theme for the TV anime series that aired from 1987 to 1999, was released. In addition to Ryo, the trailer also features the heroine Kaori Makimura (Misato Morita), Ryo's partner and Kaori's older brother Hideyuki Makimura (Masanobu Ando), and detective Saeko Nogami (Fumino Kimura). It also includes scenes of a raging gunfight.

This work is set in Shinjuku in the Reiwa era and depicts the story of the beginning of the "City Hunter" team of Ryo Saeba, Kaori Makimura, and Hideyuki Makimura. It will be available worldwide on Netflix on April 25th.