ONE PIECE: USJ “One Piece Premier Summer” will be held from July 3rd First appearance of Gear 5 “Nicalfi”!

It has been announced that the limited-time event "One Piece Premier Summer 2024" themed on the popular manga "ONE PIECE" will be held at Universal Studios Japan (Konohana Ward, Osaka City) from July 3rd.  "One Piece Premier Summer" is a popular summer event that is a collaboration between USJ and "ONE PIECE," and this year Luffy from Gear 5, also known as "Nicalfi," will appear for the first time.

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In addition to the live entertainment show "One Piece Premier Show 2024" where a powerful battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and a powerful enemy targeting Luffy unfolds, there will also be a restaurant "Sanji's Pirate Restaurant" where Sanji will appear, and a coaster "One Piece × "Hollywood Dream the Ride" will also be available.

Until October 7th.