Godzilla x Kong: Mothra appears in the trailer! The greatest threat in history

The latest trailer for the movie "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" (directed by Adam Wingard, to be released on April 26th) has been released. The content is that the ``greatest threat in history'' feared by Godzilla, the king who rules the earth, and Kong, the king who rules the underground, appears. Godzilla and Kong appear, rushing towards the enemy. Kong is in a desperate situation, and the lines ``Kong alone can't win'' and ``He (Godzilla) is here'' are heard. The monster Mothra also appeared in the preview.

This work is a collaboration between Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, and Toho, and is the fourth film in the "Monster Verse" series, which is a crossover between the Hollywood version of the "Godzilla" series that began with "GODZILLA" (2014) and the world of "Kong: Skull Island" (2017). A new adventure unfolds that challenges the mysteries of the history and origins of monsters and the very existence of humanity.