Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: Himmel is V2 in character popularity poll Aura is also very popular Hamburger and Warrior Gorilla are also ranked

The final results of the 2nd character popularity poll for the manga `` Frieren: Beyond Journey's End'' currently being serialized in ``Weekly Shonen Sunday'' (Shogakukan) have been announced. The total number of votes was 12,688,733, and Himmel took first place with 1,239,533 votes. This was Himmel's second consecutive victory after the first. 2nd place was Aura of the Guillotine (1,045,369 votes), 3rd place was Fern (864,863 votes), 4th place was Yubel (847,205 votes), and the main character Frieren (816,279 votes) was 5th place. Ta.

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This project was conducted for a total of 116 characters that appear in "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End". Voting was accepted on the official website from March 1st to March 24th.

6th place was Linier (675,744 votes), 7th place was Stark (587,392 votes), 8th place was Mahato of the Golden Land (353,780 votes), 9th place was Solitaire (352,524 votes), and Mimic (352,524 votes). 341,347 votes) ranked 10th.

There are also some unique characters, such as the Continental Magic Association receptionist's sister who ranked 11th, the ridiculously huge hamburger who ranked 18th, the roughnecks who ranked 20th, the warrior gorilla who ranked 21st, and the bone that I bought ranked 28th. It made it into the top 30.

`` Frieren: Beyond Journey's End'' is a manga written by Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe, and began serialization in ``Weekly Shonen Sunday'' in April 2020. Freelen, a magician who is part of the group of heroes who defeated the Demon King, and who has a long lifespan because he is an Frieren, experiences the death of a friend and decides to go on a journey to "get to know people." The cumulative circulation of comics is over 20 million copies. The TV anime was broadcast from September 2023 to March 2024.