The Apothecary Diaries: The final episode of the 1st season "Jinshi and Maomao" insert song part video released Aoiema sing "Omoi Saku Toki"

A video containing the insert song for the 24th episode, "Jinji and Neko-neko," which was the final episode of the first season of the TV anime "The Apothecary Diaries" based on Natsu Hyuga's light novel, has been released on YouTube. The insert song "Omoi Saku Toki"(When the feelings bloom) sung by singer-songwriter Aoiema is played, and Maomao is depicted dancing. Distribution of insert songs has also started on various music distribution services.

The light novel version of `` The Apothecary Diaries'' has been published by Hero Bunko, and the comic version is also gaining popularity. The anime will be directed by Norihiro Naganuma, who is known for his work on "The Ancient Magus' Bride", and will be produced by TOHO animation STUDIO and OLM.

The story takes place in a glamorous inner palace on a certain continent, where Maomao, a girl who plays the role of a poison detector, and a beautiful eunuch, Jinshi, become involved in incidents that occur in the inner palace, which is full of intrigues and rumors. The first season of the TV anime began broadcasting on Nippon Television in October 2023, and the final episode of the first season, the 24th episode ``Jinshi and Cat Cat'', was broadcast at midnight on March 23rd. It has also been talked about that the second season will be broadcast in 2025.