Frieren: Beyond Journey's End: New postcards drawn by Frieren,Himmel “SPRING Fair” at Animate New goods will also be released

It has been announced that the fair for the TV anime `` Frieren: Beyond Journey's End'' will be held at Animate from April 6th. Entitled ``TV Anime `` Frieren: Beyond Journey's End'' SPRING Fair'', if you purchase or reserve character goods related to the series during the period, you will receive a postcard with a newly drawn illustration as a bonus for every 1,100 yen spent. There are four bonus designs: Frieren, Fern, Stark, and Himmel. The period is until April 29th.

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In response to the fair, new goods such as a character badge collection using newly drawn illustrations (8 types in total, 440 yen each), acrylic stands that can be displayed with characters and beautiful backgrounds (4 types in total, 2200 yen each) will also be released.