NiziU: Try acting in first movie appearance Playing the role of a high school student in the movie “Lovesick Ellie”

It has been revealed that the popular group ``NiziU'' will appear in the main part of the movie `` Lovesick Ellie'' (to be released on March 15th), for which they will be performing the theme song. This is the first time the group will appear in a movie. He plays the role of a student who attends the same high school as "Omi-kun" and "Ellie" played by Ryubi Miyase and Nanoka Hara, who are the double leads, and he also shows off his uniform. Making-of shots and off-shots of the members trying their hand at acting were also released.

The original work is a manga of the same name that was serialized in the manga magazine "Monthly Desert" (Kodansha). Hara will play Eriko Ichimura (Ellie), a high school girl who lives a quiet and unremarkable high school life, and Miyase will play Omi Akira (Omi-kun), the refreshing prince of the school that Ellie admires.

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