"GTO" starring Takashi Sorimachi is back as a new SP drama! "GTO Revival" Spring 2024 broadcast

It has been announced that the drama ``GTO'' starring actor Takashi Sorimachi, which aired in Japan from July to September 1998, will be revived as a new special drama for the first time in about 26 years. In the spring of 2024, it will be broadcast as a special drama ``GTO Revival'' on Kantele Fuji TV's 65th anniversary.

"GTO" depicts the exploits of Eikichi Onizuka, a former legendary leader of a motorcycle gang and now a teacher. The original is a manga of the same name by Toru Fujisawa. In 1998, a live-action version was made starring Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima as the heroine, and it was a huge hit.

In ``GTO,'' Onizuka, who has nothing to do with position or profit or loss, risks his life to confront the problems of students and schools, and solves the problems smoldering behind the scenes of society. In ``GTO Revival,'' Onizuka takes up a position as a teacher at a high school with many problems, and gives Onizuka's passionate lessons to troubled students. Details of the story and cast will be announced at a later date.

Regarding the game's return after 26 years, Sorimachi said, ``Actually, I've been asked several times if I'd like to play GTO, but it makes sense for me to come back at this moment.'' So, this time, I decided to come forward.Now that I have raised two children, I wonder what kind of Onizuka I can play?Also, the Reiwa era is filled with problems and concerns that are unique to modern times. I was interested in what kind of chemical reaction would occur between the high school students and Onizuka's lives, and what would they be able to convey to the viewers.''

``I hope to be able to clearly convey what is important in the relationship between teachers and students, regardless of the era.''I feel the meaning and responsibility of playing the role of Onizuka at my current age, while thinking about ``GTO.'' I would like to create something that does not disappoint the expectations of the fans who support me!'', he said enthusiastically.