Image of the new coaster “ZOKKON”

A new coaster is born for the first time in 12 years at Fuji-Q Highland! Motorcycle ride type "ZOKKON" opened on July 20

Fuji-Q Highland will open its first new coaster in about 12 years, ZOKKON, on July 20th. This is a coaster where you can ride a motorcycle and enjoy the ride while feeling the breeze, and it takes about 3 minutes. The price is 2000 yen (tax included). The total construction cost is approximately 4.5 billion yen.

Get on the bike-type ride, grab the steering wheel, and turn left and right on the curves that approach one after another. You can enjoy the speed and exhilaration unique to a coaster by accelerating at once with the linear acceleration system in three places on the course. There is also a device that suddenly rises to a height of about 24m from a tunnel in the middle of the course.

When you leave the platform, you will accelerate from the tunnel at once, and you will be able to enjoy the mysterious sensation of the visual light and shade that jumps out to the outdoors, as well as experience the video production that awaits you at the end of the course.

[Fuji-Q Highland business overview]
■Business hours 9:00-17:00
*Varies depending on the season. For more information Official site Please refer to the.
・Admission fee: Free
・Free Pass: From July 20, 2023 (Thursday), the free pass fee will be revised as follows.
[Until Wednesday, July 19]
Adults ¥6,000 - ¥6,800 Middle and high school students ¥5,500 - ¥6,300 Elementary school students ¥4,400 - ¥5,000
Infants/seniors 2,100 yen to 2,400 yen
[After July 20th (Thursday)]
Adults ¥6,000 - ¥7,800 Middle and high school students ¥5,500 - ¥7,300 Elementary school students ¥4,400 - ¥5,000
Infant/senior 2,100 yen to 2,500 yen
*Prices vary depending on the day. For more information Official site Please check.
■ Transportation
● car
・About 80 minutes from Shinjuku on the Chuo Expressway, next to Kawaguchiko IC
・About 90 minutes from Tokyo via Tomei Expressway Gotemba IC and Higashi-Fujigoko Road
・About 100 minutes by highway bus from Shinjuku Station, get off at Fujikyu Highland
・About 110 minutes by express bus from Tokyo Station, get off at Fuji-Q Highland
*In addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area, direct buses are in operation from more than 30 locations such as Nagoya and Kansai.
・Transfer to the Fujikyuko Line at Otsuki Station on the JR Chuo Main Line and get off at Fujikyu Highland Station. About 50 minutes from Otsuki Station