Blue Lock: Episode Nagi: Nagi's last scene revealed Unleash the “strongest name line”! The 6th giveaway for moviegoers is a sticker of Rin Itoshi

A cut from the final scene of the animated film "Blue Lock: Episode Nagi" (directed by Ishikawa Shunsuke) has been released. The scene leads to the second season of the TV anime, and shows Seishiro Nagi uttering his "strongest line" at the end of the film along with his intense "ego" aura.

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It has been announced that the sixth giveaway for visitors to the event will be a special sticker of Rin Itoshi, "ANOTHER Blue Lock-EPISODE Omotesando-" (3 types in total), which will be distributed from May 24th. Yusuke Nomura, who is responsible for the illustrations of the original manga, has drawn Rin on a day off before moving into the Blue Lock dorms.

The movie version of the anime is based on the spin-off "Blue Lock: Episode Nagi", which features the popular character Seishiro Nagi from the popular soccer manga "Blue Lock". The battle at "Blue Lock" (Blue Prison) is depicted from the perspective of another main character, Seishiro Nagi, who has an extraordinary sense of soccer.