Bikkuriman: Super Zeus and Super Devil are now available as bath towels Storage boxes, sticker holders and other goods

From May 31st, bath towels and other goods featuring popular characters from Lotte's chocolate snack "Bikkuriman," such as Super Zeus, Super Devil, and Head Rococo, will be available as prizes at Aeon Fantasy's amusement facilities "Molly Fantasy" and "PALO," as well as the online crane game "Molly Online."

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Storage boxes with clear windows, bath towels, and sticker holders with character designs will be released in sequence. The storage boxes come in two types: black with a Rococo head and Yamato and the other seven gods, and red with a design inspired by the "Devil vs. Angel" series, featuring Super Zeus, Super Devil, and others.

The bath towels feature 18 of the most popular Bikkuriman stickers from the series. There are two types: black, which features popular characters from the early days of the series such as Super Zeus, Super Devil, Heraclitus, Black Zeus, Saint Phoenix, and Prince Yamato, and red, which features 18 stickers including Head Rococo and the Seven God Emperors.

The sticker holder can store 180 Bikkuriman stickers. There are two designs: one based on the "Devil vs. Angel" series, and the other with 32 of the most popular Bikkuriman stickers from the past lined up, including the back. Each book comes with one "sparkle card."