A FEW MOMENTS OF CHEERS: Frederic sings the theme song Additional cast includes Yuma Uchida and Fuka Izumi Trailer released

It has been announced that the theatrical anime "A FEW MOMENTS OF CHEERS" will be released on June 14th. It was also announced that the rock band "Frederick" will be performing the theme song "CYAN", and a trailer containing a snippet of the theme song has also been released.

It was also announced that Yuma Uchida and Fuka Izumi will appear as additional cast members. The series is a youth drama set in Ishikawa Prefecture that depicts the joys and hardships of manufacturing. Uchida will play Daisuke Tonosaki, the best friend of the main character, Kanata Asaya, and Izumi will play Moemi Nakagawa, Kanata's classmate.

"A FEW MOMENTS OF CHEERS" is an original animated film directed by the video creator team "Hurray!" and written by Jukki Hanada, who has worked on "Love Live!". Asaya Kanata, a high school boy who is absorbed in making music videos, is moved by a street performance he sees one day and strongly desires to make a music video for the song, but the singer is a female teacher, Yu Orie, who has given up on her musical career. Voice actor Natsuki Hanae will play Kanata, and Mariya Ise will play Yu, a female teacher.