Dear Radiance (Hikaru Kimi e): Episode 14 "Hoshi Ochite Nao" Synopsis & Scene Cuts Released

NHK Taiga drama "Dear Radiance (Hikaru Kimi e)" starring actor Yuriko Yoshitaka (general, Sundays at 8 p.m., etc.). The subtitle of the 14th episode to be broadcast on April 7th is "Hoshi Ochite Nao"(The Stars Fallen), and the synopsis and scene cuts have been released.

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"Dear Radiance" is the 63rd taiga drama. The story is set in the aristocratic society of the mid-Heian period, and the main character is Murasaki Shikibu (Mahiro), who wrote ``The Tale of Genji,'' later said to be the world's oldest female literature. The screenplay was written by Shizuka Oishi, who is writing for a historical drama for the second time since 2006's ``Kumei ga Tsuji,'' and it depicts the glittering world of the Heian nobility and the life of a woman who lived, wrote, and loved.