Kamen Rider Gotchard: Episode 29 "This Village Is Crying" The village chief is found in a tragic state, who is the real culprit?

The 29th episode of the special effects drama `` Kamen Rider Gotchard'' (TV Asahi, Sunday 9:00 am), ``This Village Is Crying,'' will be broadcast on March 31st.

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Houtaro (Junsei Motojima) and Rinne (Reiyo Matsumoto) go to the village where Renge's (Abe Oto) grandmother lives, where a monster has appeared. They retrieve Kemmy, who is believed to be the true identity of the monster, and think that the incident is over, but the village chief (Kitagawa 2tom) is found in a miserable state.

The villagers assume that it is the work of Starshine Hoshino (Takaya Aoyagi), a self-proclaimed exorcist, and cause a commotion. They lock Hoshino and his apprentice, Kajiki (Amon Kabe), in the storehouse.

Houtaro, who believes in Kajiki, begins searching for the real culprit. Then a new Malgam will appear. Houtaro transforms into Gatchard, but senses something strange about Margam's behavior.