SPY×FAMILY: New illustrations released on the 5th anniversary of the series Tatsuya Endo thanks readers, and holds the first autograph session for the 5 major projects

On March 25th, Tatsuya Endo's popular manga ``SPY×FAMILY'', currently being serialized in Shueisha's manga app ``Shonen Jump+'', celebrated its 5th anniversary. A new illustration drawn by Mr. Endo was released, and he said, "It was a very fulfilling five years, both fun and quick and painful and long, but I'm always rooting for the fact that I was able to continue this far even though I'm a clumsy person. It's all thanks to all the readers who have supported us. Thank you so much," he wrote, expressing his gratitude to the readers. It was also announced that Endo's first autograph session will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Seoul, South Korea, as part of five major projects commemorating the 5th anniversary.

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As part of the 5th anniversary project, a special movie was released on YouTube's ``Jump Channel'' where you can enjoy the memories of the Forger family, such as the start of the mission and the trip on a luxury cruise ship, along with Anya's expressions. A special website commemorating the 5th anniversary will open on April 1st. In addition to disseminating information on the 5th anniversary project, the special website will also feature a special page that introduces the work's progress over the past 5 years in chronological form, including the start of serialization, comic book release, and anime adaptation.

Limited goods featuring original illustrations by Endo will also be on sale. Details will be announced on the special website and the official X (Twitter) of "Shonen Jump +" from mid-April.