Delicious in Dungeon: Episode 12 "Red Dragon 2" Falin's body turned into bones Trying to revive him with taboo ancient magic

The 12th episode of the TV anime "Delicious in Dungeon", "Red Dragon 2", based on Ryoko Kui's gourmet fantasy manga, will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels from March 21st.

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Laios and his group finally manage to subjugate the Red Dragon and begin searching for Falin. However, Falin's body had already turned to bones. Even if they try to revive her, the connection between her soul and body is so fragile that it will be difficult to bring her back to earth. Marcille attempts to revive Falin using ancient magic that is considered taboo.

"Delicious in Dungeon" began serialization in the manga magazine "Haruta" (KADOKAWA) in 2014, and ended in September 2023 after about nine and a half years. The story depicts a group of adventurers, Laios, cooking and eating the monsters that attack them as they aim to traverse a dungeon. The anime will be directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima, who was an assistant director on ``SSSS.DYNAZENON,'' and produced by TRIGGER, known for ``Promare'' and ``Kill la Kill.''