My Hero Academia: USJ's 4D attraction The voice actor for the much-talked-about original character is Shotaro Morikubo

“My Hero Academia The Real 4-D,” the first 4D attraction from the popular anime “My Hero Academia,” opened at Universal Studios Japan (USJ, Konohana-ku, Osaka City) on March . It has been revealed that the attraction's original character, Guitar Mind, was played by voice actor Shotaro Morikubo. Visitors to the attraction have been talking about it on social media since the attraction opened, with people asking, ``Is this voice by that voice actor?'' and predicting the guitar-minded voice actor.

Guitar Mind is a world-famous rock musician, and Deku (Izuku Midoriya) and his friends will be in charge of guarding his concerts. In the attraction, Guitar Mind will not only interact with Deku and his friends, but will also perform live original songs. Morikubo, who also sings Guitar Mind, sent a message saying, "I'm performing Guitar Mind with all my heart and soul, as if it were a live show! Please feel the original episode with all your senses!"

"My Hero Academia The Real 4-D" is part of the limited-time event "Universal Cool Japan 2024." This is the first time that "My Hero Academia" and USJ have collaborated. It will run until August 14th.