Dear Radiance (Hikaru Kimi e): Yuriko Yoshitaka's greatness as seen by Tasuku Emoto The reason why Michinaga and Mahiro are "soulmates"

Taiga drama "Dear Radiance (Hikaru Kimi e)" starring actor Yuriko Yoshitaka (NHK General, Sundays at 8 p.m., etc.). Tasuku Emoto plays Fujiwara no Michinaga, who left his name as the most powerful man in the Heian aristocratic society where the drama is set. The main character, Mahiro (Murasaki Shikibu), played by Yoshitaka, is Michinaga, who is sometimes attracted to her, sometimes separated, and who is positioned as a ``soulmate'' who has a strong influence on each other. Emoto talked about the charm of Mahiro that he felt through the role, and the greatness of Yoshitaka's acting, which ``doesn't lie.''

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◇Following “Shiranakute iikoto"(Things You Don’t Need to Know), co-starring with Yuriko Yoshitaka based on the screenplay by Shizuka Oishi

◇A confession in an abandoned mansion that caught my eye: “All I could do was stand and watch.”

◇“Even though what they are saying is contradictory, neither of them are lies” Amazing

Special feature Dear Radiance (Hikaru Kimi e)