Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom: A huge hit with over 4 billion yen in box office revenue and 2.37 million viewers

It has been revealed that "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM", the completely new theatrical version of the popular anime "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series, has exceeded 4 billion yen in box office revenue in 52 days since its release on January 26th. It was a big hit, with attendance exceeding 2.37 million people. It has also become a hot topic for surpassing the box office revenue of approximately 2.3 billion yen, which was recorded by "Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounter in Space" released in 1982, and breaking the record for the highest box office revenue for a theatrical version of the "Gundam" series for the first time in about 42 years.

`` Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom'' is the sequel to ``SEED DESTINY'', and the TV animation staff including director Mitsuo Fukuda reunited. Although production of the theatrical version was announced in 2006, there was no follow-up news for a long time. It was released approximately 18 years after it was first announced.