Bang Brave Bang Bravern: Bravern and Bang Dragon are "coalescence" Bang Bravern is born!

Episode 9 of the original TV anime "Bang Brave Bang Bravern" directed by Masami Obari, who is also known as the master of the robot animation world, "Isami! We Must Save the World Together!" was aired on TBS in 7th March, and a new version of Bravern, Bang Bravern, appeared. Bang Bravern was created by the "courage fusion" of Bravern and the support mecha Bang Dragon.

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"Bang Brave Bang Bravern" is a robot anime planned by Cygames and directed by Mr. Obari, and produced by Cygames Pictures. A mysterious enemy attacks, and Isami, a member of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, is confused by the sudden appearance of Bravern, but fights to save the world.

It is broadcast every Thursday at 11:56 pm on TBS.