Spy × Family Code: White: Anya and Bond having fun in the snow are made into three-dimensional Figures wearing costumes from the movie will be released

The Anya and Bond figures ``Anya Forger & Bond Forger'' that appear in the movie ``SPY×FAMILY CODE: White'' of the anime ``SPY×FAMILY'' will be released. The price is 27,500 yen.

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This is a 1/7th scale three-dimensional figure of Anya and Bond in costumes from the movie, frolicking in a snow-covered town. Bond's footprints are also depicted in the snow beneath his feet. Overall height approximately 20.5 cm, width 19.1 cm, depth approximately 24.5 cm.

If you purchase from the shopping site ``TOHO animation STORE,'' you will receive a ``surprised face'' expression replacement part as a bonus. If you purchase it from "SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE", it will come with a "smiling smile" expression replacement part.