Detective Conan: One million dollar guidepost: Theme song is Aiko's "Soushi Soai" Trailer released Heiji and Kazuha hugging each other

It has been announced that singer-songwriter Aiko will be performing the theme song for the latest movie version of the popular anime series "Detective Conan", "Detective Conan: One million dollar guidepost". The theme song is "Soushi Soai," and a movie trailer of the same song was also released.

In the new movie version, Kaito Kid pursues a jewel called the Big Jewel, but for some reason he ends up aiming for a Japanese sword. The trailer shows Heiji Hattori cornering Kid in a Japanese sword battle on the rooftop. Heiji and Kazuha Toyama are also shown facing each other and embracing in front of the million-dollar night view seen from the top of Mt. Hakodate.

It was also announced that advance tickets for the film will go on sale on March 1. As a special theater-only bonus, 150,000 people will receive an original clear file with the teaser visual and main visual, both drawn by the original author Gosho Aoyama, printed on both sides.

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