Blue Lock: Ryosuke Yamada challenges Seishiro Nagi's transcendental trap! New commercial for smartphone game “BLAZE BATTLE”

The new commercial "Nagi-hen" for the smartphone game "Blue Lock BLAZE BATTLE" (scheduled for release this spring) starring Ryosuke Yamada of the popular group "Hey! Say! JUMP" has been released. This work is a game based on the popular TV anime "Blue Lock", and in the commercial, Mr. Yamada takes on the "Black Hole Trap", a "transcendental trap" of the popular character Seishiro Nagi.

Mr. Yamada has soccer experience, having played for the J. League's Shonan Bellmare junior youth team in his childhood, aiming to become a professional soccer player, and is also a big fan of Blue Lock. In the final scene of the commercial, Mr. Yamada recreates the black hole trap of Nagi, his favorite character from "Blue Lock." The staff and Mr. Yamada exchanged opinions on things like body shape and angles, and the photos were taken with great attention to detail.