GTO Revival: Theme song is BLUE ENCOUNT "POISON" Takashi Sorimachi also participates in singing New cast also announced Broadcast on April 1st

It was announced on February 5th that the four-member band "BLUE ENCOUNT" will be performing the theme song for the special drama "GTO Revival" (April 1st, 9pm) starring actor Takashi Sorimachi. The song is a revival arrangement of "POISON", which was once sung by Sorimachi. It was also announced that Sorimachi will be singing as a featured artist. New cast members have also been announced, including Sae Okazaki, Shinya Kote, Rikako Yagi, Mei Hata, Wataru Hyuga, and Kosuke Suzuki.

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"GTO Revival" is a special drama commemorating the 65th anniversary of the opening of Kantele Fuji TV. The legendary school drama, which was a big hit starring Sorimachi in 1998, will be revived as a new special drama for the first time in about 26 years. Eikichi Onizuka, played by Mr. Sorimachi, is assigned as a teacher at a troubled high school and gives Onizuka's passionate lessons to troubled students.

This time, Onizuka is assigned to the private Sotoku Gakuin High School. The school was told that an influencer with nearly 2 million followers had become a problem. Okazaki was the homeroom teacher for 3rd grade class 1 at the school, and Onizuka became the deputy homeroom teacher for 3rd grade class 1, and his attitude towards facing the students head-on influenced them. Kote is the vice principal of the school. Yagi, Hata, and Hyuga will play the roles of students in Class 1 of 3rd grade.