Harry Potter: 3rd film “Prisoner of Azkaban” 30 minutes extended broadcast on “Friday Roadshow” on January 26th

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (2004) will be broadcast in a 30-minute expanded version on January 26th's "Friday Roadshow" (Nippon TV, Fridays at 9 p.m.).

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The story takes a big turn. The sensitive psychological depiction of Harry and his friends as they turn 13 and enter adolescence is also attracting attention.

Sirius Black, a death row inmate believed to be involved in the death of Harry's parents, escapes from the impregnable Azkaban prison. The school is in an uproar over rumors that Sirius, who was imprisoned for killing Harry's parents as part of Voldemort's henchman, is now planning to kill Harry. However, there was another reason why Sirius was looking for Harry.

Gary Oldman gives a passionate performance as Sirius, who influences Harry's life. Additionally, Chris Columbus, who worked on the previous films, passed the baton to Alfonso Cuarón, who later won the Academy Award for Best Director for ``Zero Gravity'' (2013) and ``Roma'' (2018). The story moves from an exciting magical fantasy to a dark and serious development, making it one of the best works in the series.