Oshi no Ko: live-action version with Asuka Saito, Kaito Sakurai, and Nagisa Saito, etc. Cast special visual released

It has been revealed that the manga "Oshi no Ko" currently being serialized in Weekly Young Jump will be made into a live-action film in a joint project between Amazon and Toei. In the winter of 2024, the drama series will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Amazon Prime Video, and the movie will be released in theaters distributed by Toei. Actor Kaito Sakurai will play the lead role of Aqua.

In addition, Ruby will be played by Nagisa Saito, formerly of =LOVE. Asuka Saito plays the legendary idol Ai. Ai is the mother of Aqua and Ruby, and is a legendary idol with natural brilliance as the unwavering center of the idol group "B Komachi".

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Nanoka Hara will play Kana Arima, who will start her idol career with Ruby. Mizuki Kayashima will play the role of Akane Kurokawa, an actress who belongs to "Gekidan Ralalai" and is in love with Aqua.ano will play the role of Mem-cho, who works as a popular YouTuber and works as an idol along with Ruby&Kana.

Along with the cast announcement, a special visual of Sakurai and other cast members was also released.