SPY×FAMILY: Collaboration with Bikkuriman “Spy Family Man Chocolate” Anya Zeus is born! 24 types of stickers

Prize stickers for ``Spy Family Man Chocolate'', a collaboration between Lotte's chocolate confectionery `` Bikkuriman'' and the anime ``SPY x FAMILY'', which is based on Tatsuya Endo's manga currently being serialized in Shueisha's manga app ``Shonen Jump + (Plus)''. "Anya Zeus" has been released. This sticker is a collaboration between Super Zeus from `` Bikkuriman'' and Anya from ``SPY x FAMILY,'' and newly drawn by the illustrator of `` Bikkuriman.''

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It will go on sale in advance in eastern Japan (including Shizuoka) on January 23rd. Estimated retail price is around 140 yen.