ONE PIECE: Luffy & Ace's highest peak "MAXIMUM" figure Expresses the bond of brothers

Figures of Luffy and Ace appearing in the anime "ONE PIECE" "Portrait Of Pirate One Piece "NEO-MAXIMUM" Luffy & Ace ~Brotherly Bonds~ 20th LIMITED Ver." (Megahouse) will be released. This is a new item from the ``MAXIMUM'' series, which is the pinnacle of Megahouse's ``ONE PIECE'' figures, and is priced at 36,300 yen.

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A three-dimensional version of Luffy and Ace who fight together at the climax of the Marineford Summit War. We paid particular attention to the modeling and coloring, including the dynamic pose, contrasting facial expressions, and flashy effects of Mera Mera no Mi's abilities. Overall height approximately 24.5 cm.

Reservations are now being accepted on Bandai Namco Group's official shopping site ``Premium Bandai''. Scheduled to ship in October.